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1 Phase, 60Hz. Min. Voltage 197, maximum voltage 253. Minimum circuit ampacity 18.9.max. fuse or circuit breaker, 30 amps. I was told that on the 12/2 wire I need a 20amp breaker, but in looking at different 20 amp breakers I see also other numbers, such as Q22o etc. Can you please tell me what is the proper breaker for me to use. Thank you, Kevi Single-phase distribution is used when loads are mostly lighting and heating, with few large electric motors. For example, on a 120/208 three-phase system, which is common in North America, the phase-to-neutral voltage is 120 volts and the phase-to-phase voltage is 208 volts A 230-volt breaker is the same as a 240- or 220-volt one. It has two poles so it can contact both hot legs in the panel. Because it's a pair of stacked single-pole breakers, you need two adjacent vacant slots in your panel to accommodate it. Make sure the wire you use is appropriate for the current 107 Posts. #4 · Dec 19, 2006. This is a single phase welder so it will work with your house voltage. The welder is rated at 230 volts and notice it has a tolerance of 10% (as with most all equipment), 230 - 10% gives 207 (or 208) volts, that's where the dual voltage comes in. As joed said 208 is a common 3 phase system as well as 240, but in.

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The manufacturers data sheet tells me (quote) Electrical requirements: three-wire, single phase AC 120/240 or 120/208 volt, 60Hz (Load 28.0 amps @ 120/240VAC). Properly grounded. Protected by 30 amp circuit. 45 flexible cable with 6 wire leads is furnished. Locate electrical box a min. of 7 below the cooktop. SPI Model: SSC12B (With MDI Added Circuit Breaker) Features & Benefits. 115/208/230V Single-Phase Simplex Demand Control Panel; 4x Rated Durable, Weather-Resistant Enclosure with Mounting Feet and Stainless Steel Latc 208/230V Single-Phase Simplex Demand Control Panel 4x Rated Durable, Weather-Resistant Enclosure with Mounting Feet and Stainless Steel Latch Main Circuit Breaker

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Tempstar EHK308B - Electric Heater Kit, 8 kW, 208-230V, Single Phase, With Circuit Breaker Accessory for FMU4P, FMC4P, FMU4X, FMC4X . California residents: see Proposition 65 Warning. Documents. picture_as_pdf consumer catalog . picture_as_pdf installation instructions . Features and Specification Weight: 10.000000: ERP ID. EcoTemp EHK20AKB - Electric Heater Kit, 20kW, 208/230V, Single Phase, With Circuit Breaker . Skip to the end of the images gallery . Skip to the beginning of the images gallery . Online Only. EcoTemp™ EcoTemp EHK20AKB - Electric Heater Kit, 20kW, 208/230V, Single Phase, With Circuit Breaker.

Description : 3 Phase 208V Motor Wiring Diagram with 208V Single Phase Wiring Diagram, image size 1021 X 500 px, and to view image details please click the image. Here is a picture gallery about 208v single phase wiring diagram complete with the description of the image, please find the image you need. We hope this article can help in finding. EHK15AKB - Electric Heater, 15 KW, 208/230V, Single Phase, with Circuit Breaker A double pole circuit breaker from www.HardwareAndTools.com. For those appliances that require 240-volts, two power legs are connected to them, each with 120-volts, but that are in opposite phase. The voltage from either leg to the neutral line is 120 volts, but across the two hot legs is 240 volts, which is double the 120-volt supply In this video I show a 240 volt single phase breaker panel and show how the wires connect and how the breakers install and discuss buss bars in the panel.Ple.. Electric Heater Kit, 7KW, 208/230V, Single Phase, With Circuit Breaker. 11.5 W x 19 L x 8 H. Features: 5 Kw. 208/230V. Single Phase. Circuit Breaker. Use with All WAHM/T Models. Branch Availability

208-230V, single phase AC unit. S/N: M0404-04449. Suggested 25amp breaker. Min is 20amp breaker. 2004. Outside use only. 24 x 40L x 26H. Fits on one pallet. Offered AS IS FOB Lowell, AR. $40 rigging charge will be added to your invoice. $10 to load only on dock high vehicle. Ref# 5305 A farm shop w/ a 120/240V 3Ø service(PG&E loves them for AG services) had a 230V 1Ø Hoshizaki ice machine hooked up to supply the farm workers, Hoshizaki 208-230V single phase machines require a neutral because the water pump, condenser fan, valves are 120V, the electrician used the high leg & another leg for the machine & the machine would. Teco Westinghouse ST7/52 Motor, Single Phase, 7.5hp, 3600rpm, 208-230V,213T - Easy Online Ordering, In House Tech Support, and Free Shipping on Orders Over $100

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240V single phase is obtained by taking a single leg of three-phase power. 208V three phase is obtained by taking two legs of three-phase power. In a 120/240 single phase system, the midpoint of the secondary side of the tranformer is tapped and grounded to create a neutral. From the midpoint to any line reads 120V, and from line-to-line (the. Same concept as, say, a standard household water heater. It's a 240 volt single-phase load, so we run two wires (plus a ground) to it and hook it up to a double-pole circuit breaker and supply 240 volts to it. It doesn't want or need a neutral so we don't give it one. Many AHUs only require a 3-phase circuit to supply them Find many great new & used options and get the best deals for EHK07AKB Electric Heat Kit 7.5 KW 208/230v Single Phase With Circuit Breaker ICP at the best online prices at eBay! Free shipping for many products

Here is a clear and simple explanation of understanding the differences between 120v single phase, 240v Split Phase, and 208v 3-phase from Academy Fellow Keinokuorma:There have been multiple threads discussing this electrical topic. Because of increasing demand of this information, I will try to. item 3 EHK07AKB Electric Heat Kit 7.5 Kw 208/230V Single Phase with Circuit Breaker ICP 3 - EHK07AKB Electric Heat Kit 7.5 Kw 208/230V Single Phase with Circuit Breaker ICP. $189.99. Last one Free shipping. SPONSORED. item 4 5 KW Electric Heat Kit - No Circuit Breaker - Tempstar Model:. Yup I did have my voltages messed up. Thanks for the correction. (I always hear 220 ovens, 220 ac, 220 breaker, etc. confused me i guess.) 220, 240.. whatever it takes. Skip, there are no 3 phase motors. All are single phase. So that will work out. I have never seen residential 3 phase before. Kinda weird. Thanks for the help After wiring a 208/230v single phase refrigeration to a panel... I had 15,91 volts across the legs while the breaker is on this drop occurs even at the bus bars across the panel....turn the breaker off to the refrigeration unit.... voltage at bus bars returns to normal.... been in the trade 32 years (HVAC/R) never saw this before. all of the components, compressor fan motors all check out fine. Goodman HKP-15C Electric Heat Kit, 208/230V Packaged Units, Single-Phase w/ Circuit Breaker - 15 k

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SPT0032. Be the first to review this product. $270.00. In stock. Motor, Single Phase, 3hp, 3600rpm, 208-230V, 143/145T Frame, TEFC, HVAC, NEMA Premium, IP44. Qty. Add to Cart. Add to Wish List Add to Compare. Please note that motors do not qualify for free shipping • POWER REQ.: 208-230v Single Phase*, 30-amp breaker • MIN. CONCRETE SPEC: 4 thick, reinforced, free from cracks/seams, 28 days • AIR REQUIRED: 90-120 psi *3-phase upgrade is available for purchase Model Number 4015EFO 4015XFO 4015EFX 4015XFX Lifting Capacity 15,000 lbs. Front Open Closed Max. Wheelbase 182.5 210 182.5 21

44 x 64 = 208-230V, single phase, 100A breaker recommended 32 x 42 = 208-230V, single phase, 50A breaker recommended (top & bottom heat: 44x64 = 3PH, 100A / 32x42 = 1PH, 100A) (Optional 3PH available on 44x64 top heat - same power, ½ amps) Compressor Install: 20 gal, 4 cfm at 80psi, 100 psi on air line, 3/8 or greater lin Higher operating temperature will result in a shorter life expectancy. Even though the system voltage of 3 phase 208 is within the -10% rating of the three phase 230 v motor, the 208 is allowed to vary to -10% or 187 volts -- and the motor will not work at that level. If you can't get a 208 rated motor (or one which has multiple voltage ratings. • POWER REQ.: 208-230v Single Phase*, 30-amp breaker • MIN. CONCRETE SPEC: 4 thick, reinforced, free from cracks/seams, rated at 3500+ psi, cured at least 28 days • AIR REQUIRED: 90-120 psi Model Number DX77 DX77R Lifting Capacity 7,700 lbs. Installation Standard Flush Mount Rise Height 74.5 70 Overall Length 83.2 I recently purchased an air compressor with 7 1/2 hp, 230v, single phase motor that also has a magnetic starter. The motor tag lists volts 208-230 and amps 33.30-31.30. Will 4/3 with ground wired to 14-60 terminals be adequate? What amperage breaker do you recommend

- 208/230V Single phase - Some shops have low voltage requiring a special compressor from our competition. Snap-on has the ability to special build 208/230V three phase or 460V compressors. •BRA7180V has the following that BRA7180VEM does not have: hour meter, ON/OFF breaker switch, automatic tank drain replaced with Home AquaCal Heatwave SuperQuiet IceBreaker SQ166R Heat & Cool Pump | 126K BTU Titanium Heat Exchanger | Single Phase 208-230V 60HZ | SQ166ARDSBNN SQ166ARDSBPR [close] NOTICE : The Texas weather emergency in February, in addition to the ongoing demand increase for pool products from the Covid pandemic, have caused industry-wide shortages on. NONE of this suggest the need for a neutral. That would be conveyed in the voltage area. It would say something like 120/240, or 120/208. Since the label says single-phase 208/230 it means it requires two hots legs and NO neutral. A 3-phase A/C unit rated @ 230v would only require 3 conductors and a ground. - Speedy Petey Jul 18 '14 at 20:4 Extends compressor life, easy to maintain. 208/230V Single Phase Motor. Thermally protected. 60 Gallon ASME Tank. 150 PSIG rating. Convenient oil drain on front of unit. Easy view oil sight gauge. 1 Year Factory Warranty. Extends to 2 years with Maintenance Kit added at time of purchase

A 3 phase 5 HP motor at 230v is about 15 amps but I assume this your house where you have single phase. a single phase 6.5 HP at 240v will be in the neighborhood of 30-40 amps. Hard to tell without seeing the nameplate rating and know the powerfactor and efficiency number Single Packaged Units, Residential Unitary, HVAC Equipment, including Gas/Electric Packaged Air Conditioner 14 SEER, Single-Phase, 3 Ton, 80% AFUE,. Double-Pole vs. Single-Pole Breakers . A 3-wire, 240-volt circuit has two hot wires—each supplying 120 volts for a total of 240—and an equipment ground wire. A 120-volt circuit has only one hot wire connected to the breaker plus a neutral wire connected to the neutral bus bar in the service panel breaker directly to the magnetic starter. No other electrical connections are required. 115V 208-230V 208-230V 460V 575V Wiring for 115-208/230V single-phase circuit Wiring for 208/230-460V three-phase circuit Required Fuse/Breaker Size in Amperes Thermal Uni Single Phase 208-230v. Shihlin MSP60T-10-1-230 10hp 1-phase 208-230v; Shihlin MSP40T-PB-7.5-1-230 7.5hp 1-phase 208-230v; Sometimes resulting in a tripped breaker. Starving your electric motor of the necessary power needed can wear down your electric motor at a rapid rate

TEFC SUPER-DUTY SINGLE SPEED: 022032, 022033, 022034. Standard Efficient Single Speed: 022012, 022013. Single Speed Energy Efficient: 022009, 022010, 022011. Two Speed Energy Efficient: 022007, 022008. EFFICIENT TWO-SPEED UP RATED: 022026. Up-Rated Single Speed Standard Efficiency: 022027 Up-Rated Single Speed Energy Efficient: 022028 Three-Phase Single Speed Premium Efficiency with Super. Functional Devices TR40VA013 Transformer, 40 VA, 480/277/240/208 to 120 Vac, Circuit Breaker, Foot and Single Threaded Hub Mount 4.5 out of 5 stars 4 Appli Parts Transformer 120/208/240v to 24V 75Va Ltt7541f Foot Mount APTR-75 Heil Quaker (ICP) EHK10AKB - 10 kW 1-Phase Heater Kit w/ Circuit Breaker (208/230V) - 10 kW Heating Kit w/Circuit Breaker Product Features 10 kW 208/230V 60 Hz 36.2 Amps Single phase, with circuit breaker The Model KWIB6021 (nominal 5-ton or 60,000 BTU) is the smallest water-cooled unit possible in size and capacity in The Iceberg Series, KwiKool's Flagship Line of portables for both primary and backup air conditioning. With its full-featured design and high sensible cooling, the KWIB6021 is the perfect solution for cooling server rooms. The Iceberg Series is quick [

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The NEC (code) requires that the table 430.238 be used to determine the wire and breaker sizes. For a 7.5 hp 1 ph 230 volt motor 40 amps is listed in the table. A load factor is then applied to the 40 amps. 40 X 1.25 = 50 amps. Per table 310.16 - #6 wire is required Dayton Blower Motor Wiring Ls1 Auto Wiring Harness Trailer Hitch. Diagram Ac Fan Motor Capacitor Wiring Diagram Full Version Hd. Ac Motor Power Diagram Wiring Diagram. 208 230v Single Phase Wiring 208 230v Single Phase Breaker 208 230. Dayton 3 4 Hp Electric Motor Wiring Dayton Electric Motors Wiring

A loadcentre is a panel which distributes, protects, and controls lighting and power circuits in residential and light commercial applications. Each Siemens loadcentre consists of three basic components: the enclosure, the interior, and the trim. The enclosure is used to contain the circuit breakers which mount on the interior ‡ Field convertible to 1 phase, single or multiple supply circuit. 2 TABLE 2 - MINIMUM CFM AND MOTOR SPEED SELECTION Installation of Circuit Breaker Model Heater A03069 Fig. 4 -- Installation of Window Bezel for Circuit Breaker Model Heater 230 C Max Wire Length 208/230v (Ft)‡‡ Single Circuit Dual Circuit Single Circuit Dual.

Siemens 60 Amp Three-Pole Type QPH 22kA Circuit Breaker (1) Model# Q360H. Murray 60 Amp 3-Pole Type MP Circuit Breaker. Model# MP360. Siemens 60 Amp Three-Pole Type QP Circuit Breaker (5) Model# Q360. Siemens 60 Amp 3-Pole 10 kA Type QP with Shunt Trip Circuit Breaker. Model# Q36000S01. Tool Rental Volts: 208/230V. Watts: 15. Weight: 7. Width: 5-9/10 in Rheem RXBH Series Heater with Breaker. Rheem RXBH Series Single Phase KW Heat Strip. Rheem RXBH Series Single Phase KW Heat Strip. Rheem RXBH Series Single Phase KW Heat Strip . www.ferguson.com. LEAD LAW WARNING: In accordance with the US Federal or other States laws It is illegal.

It was all 208-230v three phase stuff typical for smallish commercial spaces. There was a (full of yellow jackets) Fed Pac, three phase disconnect on the equipment. In the basement, there were three single phase 100 amp disconnects that served panels in the building, and one service panel all fed from a gutter VEVOR 5HP Electric Compressor Motor, 3450RPM 143T/56 Frame Single Phase 7/8 Shaft Diameter Air Compressor Motor 208-230V 60Hz AC Electric Motor $219.99 $ 219 . 99 List price $312.99 $ 312 . 9 In a single-phase AC power system there is only one single sinusoidal voltage. Most AC power is produced and distributed as three-phase power with three sinusoidal voltages 120 degrees out of phase with each other.. The diagram and table below can be used to convert amperage between single phase and three phase equipment and vice versa

BALDOR 5HP AIR COMPRESSOR ELECTRIC MOTOR, 56HZ FRAME, 3450RPM, 208/230V, SINGLE-PHASE, 7/8 SHAFT, 1.15 SERVICE FACTOR MADE IN USA Brand: BALDOR 5HP AIR COMPRESSOR ELECTRIC MOTOR, 56HZ FRAME, 3450RPM, 208/230V Model: 00136OS1BCD56-S BLACK Warranty: 2 year manufacturer Features5HP SINGLE PHASE 208-230 VOLT COMPRESSOR DUTY ELECTRIC MOTOR56HZ FRAME, 7/8 SHAFT DIAMETER, 3450 RPM, MADE IN USA BY. Single-Phase 120V PDU Distributes Network-Grade Power to Multiple Loads This basic PDU is an ideal no-frills unit for networking, telecom, security, audio/video and sound reinforcement applications. Recommended for high-density IT environments, the PDU1226 features a single breakered load bank with 13 NEMA 5-15/20R outlets - 12 in the rear.

Recommended Breaker Size 12kW/41,600 Btu Reciprocating 30-110F Hyper Drive 2,400 One 12 /ea 50' Direct Drive 3,500 12 Flange 65' 208/230V / Single Phase 37.5 / 34.1 60 on 208V / 50 on 230V 43.9 195-225 / 210-250 Field Supplied 32 x 48 x 48.5 670 735 6 Yes Internal Automatic Internal Manual Automatic Yes Yes Digital Yes Yes 60 12kW. Includes circuit breakers which meet UL and cUL requirements for service disconnect Volts: 208/230V. Watts: 10. Weight: 3.7. Width: 1-3/5 in Rheem RXBH Series Single Phase KW Heat Strip. Rheem RXBH Series Single Phase KW Heat Strip

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  1. All units are 100% tested at full pressure. For small business, residence or any compressed air need, the RCP Single Stage Compressor offers high volume, can operate on low amperage 208-230V or 115V* single phase power (*Portable Units), and are mounted on rugged receiver tanks to improve the consistency of your air flow
  2. Home / Outdoor Units / DRA1U24S1A - 24,000 BTU Single Zone Outdoor Unit DRA1U24S1A - 24,000 BTU Single Zone Outdoor Unit SKU: DRA1U24S1A Category: Outdoor Unit
  3. Single phase, 208-230v/60/1 Clean ice and easy maintenance lead to longer unit life span Up to 520 lbs of ice produced per 24 hours Electrical Specs: Single phase, 208-230v/60/1 , Amperage: 7.2, Max Fuse/HACR Breaker: 15
  4. ELEC 208 230V SINGLE PHASE from Robert Madden Industries. voltage, phase, refrigerant and type (recip, scroll or rotary). Don't forget we can supply all the installation items as well. REGISTERS & GRILLES. CEILING BREAKERS WHIPS.
  5. Goodman HKR-08C Electric Heat Kit, 208/230V Air Handlers & Packaged Units, Single-Phase w/ Circuit Breaker - 7 k

In the USA, Canada, and Mexico, your RV power source choices are 15/20 Amp or 30 Amp 3-Pin Plugs which is single phase 120 Volts AC or 50 Amp 4 Pin Plug which is split phase 120 Volts AC with 240 Volts AC possible with a double breaker that feeds both phases to a load In-Stock Free Shipping $839.99 Buy Now. In-Stock Free Freight $839.99 Visit Site. Eagle 5-HP 60-Gallon Single-Stage Air Compressor (208/230V 1-Phase) Model: C4160V1. Number of Reviews (11) $839.99. Features. Specifications Welds material from 22 gauge - 1/2 in. thick in a single pass. Highest output in its class. Find Millermatic 252 product specifications, features, and reviews I see equipment specified all the time that is either 208/230V single phase or 208/230V three phase. The way I understand it (which obviously isn't completely correct) is that a 3-Phase 208 Volt panel will have 3 bus bars, each alternating from +120V to -120V and back 60 times a second (in the US) Allied AEHK20CB-1 Electric Heat Strip Element with Circuit Breaker for BCE4 Air Handlers, 20kW, 208-230V/50Hz/1 Phase. Locke# L5494. MFG# 1.821117. Allied Air. compare

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  1. 208v single phase and 3 can i run loads with a three generator yup green mountain generators motor electrician talk electricity 101 basic fundamentals controls what does 230 volt refer to quora four wire delta circuits continental control systems llc power distribution configurations 3ph lines oem panels ot 110vac text plcs net interactive q diagram 220 wiring full Read More
  2. um conductors AT 115 VOLTS AT 230 VOLTS 15 amp #14 1,380 2,760 20 amp #12 1,840 3,680 30 amp #10 Seldom used on 115 voltage 5,520 40 amp # 8 Seldom used on 115 voltage 7,360 50 amp #6 Seldom used on 115 voltage 9,200 *60 amp #
  3. MIDWEST Electrical Testing & Maintenance Co. carries a range of new and used breakers, transformers and bus plugs for use in repair and new projects. Top manufacturers including Square D, Cutler Hammer, GE, ITE and more
  4. If you have the same machine drawing 10 amps on 240V it is drawing 10 from the A phase and 10 from the B phase. The easiest motor for me to read the name plate on is a 1.5 HP 3450 rpm Baldor motor. It was on the shelf. It states at 115V it draws 13.2 amps. next it states 230V it draws 6.6 amps. amps x volts = watts 13.2×115 = 151

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  1. 3 Phase 208/230v H3HK-009Q-01A (9kw) 903854B H3HK-015Q-01A (15kw) 903855B 3 Phase 460v H3HK-009S-01A (9kw) 903850B H3HK-015S-01A (15kw) 903851B accessories 4-Pole Single Circuit Adaptor* 913350 6-Pole Single Circuit Adaptor* 913556 Circuit Breaker, 1 Phase (2-Pole) 913554 Circuit Breaker, 3 Phase (3-Pole) 913740 * Single phase models only H3 HK.
  2. 208-230v Single Phase*, 30-amp breaker • MIN. CONCRETE SPEC: 4 thick, reinforced, free from cracks/seams, rated at 3500+ psi, cured at least 28 days: CLFP9 *3-phase upgrade is available for purchase: 888-711-5438 | 619-286-543 | www.aclifts.com | Fax: 619-330-211
  3. e the right circuit breaker size for an air conditioner, we look at both the
  4. g into our homes: two hot wires, a neutral wire and ground. The two hot wires carry 240 VAC, which is used for heavy appliances like electric ranges and dryers..
  5. In single phase motors, the power transferred in motors is a function of the current which is constantly varying. Therefore, single phase motors are more prone to vibration and heat damage. However, with three phase motors the power is uniform throughout the cycle greatly reducing vibration. Three phase motors are smother running, and uses less.
  6. DUPLEX SINGLE PHASE PANEL KD19020WF • Alternately controls two single phase wastewater pumps (20 amps maximum) • 3 Normally Open Floats Included (Off/On/High Level Alarm) 20' Cords • 10 X 8 X 4 NEMA 4X Thermoplastic Enclosure • Universal pump voltage and control/alarm power • One panel handles 3 voltages (120/208/230V

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  1. Phase Circuit Breaker A Single Phase 208 V E Three Phase 240 V X No circuit breaker B Single Phase 240 V F Three Phase 208/240 V C Circuit Breaker C Single Phase 208/240 V G Three Phase 460 V D Three Phase 208 V Heating Capacity @ 240 Volts 03 3.0 kW 15 14.4 kW Cabinet Size (MAX) 05 4.5 kW 19 19.2 kW wth 150F limit C C Cabine
  2. Our GUARANTEE to stand behind our product ! Rotary Screw Air System snapshot: 86 CFM @ 100 PSI = max 145 PSI. Single Phase Power = 208/230V Single phase, variable speed drive. Drive-Tek™ Design = Reduces energy demand up to 33%. Variable Speed Soft Start Motor = Provides reduced energy demand and amp draw on start up
  3. 5.5kW Single-Phase Switched PDU with LX Platform Interface, 208/230V Outlets (16 C13), L6-30P Input, 12 ft. (3.66 m) Cord, 2U Rack-Mount, TAA MODEL NUMBER: PDUMH30HVNET Features 24A 208/230V Switched Power Distribution Unit / PDU with built-in web/network interface (Agency derated to 24A continuous
  4. PRODUCT IDENTIFICATION 4 ANZ 13 018 1 AA 1 2 3 4,5 6,7,8 9 10,11 Brand A - Type N 1 - 208/230V Single-Phase 60 Hz 2 - 220/240V Single-Phase 50 Hz Type 3 - 208/230V Three-Phase 60 Hz X: Condenser R-410A 4 - 460V Three-Phase 60 H
  5. Buy Tripp Lite PDU Single-Phase Metered 208/230V 3.7kW 20A 8 C13; 2 C19 C20 Horizontal 1URM (PDUMH20HV) online on Amazon.ae at best prices. Fast and free shipping free returns cash on delivery available on eligible purchase
  6. Tutco - 81-0452-00 3 kW Non-Fused 208/230V Single Phase Unit Heater Item: FC-0401N03 MFR: 81-0452-0

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  1. al Block • Usable with 115/208/230 VAC 1PH Power • Alarm Silence & On-Off-Test Switches • Externally Mounted Audible Alarm • Pump Hand-Off-Auto Switches • Pump Running Light
  2. R Series is 208-230V single-phase in and 208-230V three-phase out, 60Hz and 50Hz use. RH Series is 460V single-phase in and 460V three-phase out, 60Hz and 50Hz use. Higher line voltages or voltage sensitive applications, such as CNC equipment, may require a Voltage Stabilizer
  3. Figure 3 - Wiring Diagram for Single Phase 3 HP Motors NOTE: Single voltage (230V) motor, and cannot be connected to 115V. L1 L2 IL1680 230 VOLT SINGLE PHASE LINE YELLOWBLACKREDWHITEGRAYGRAY NOTE: Dual voltage motor, change the red and gray wire to voltage required. Figure 2 - Wiring Diagram for Single Phase 1/3 - 2 HP Motors L1 A B L2 L1 A B.
  4. Single Phase Model Number KM-1340MAJ KM-1340MWJ KM-1340MRJ AC Supply Voltage 208-230/60/1 (3 Wire with Neutral) 208-230/60/1 (3 Wire with Neutral) 208-230/60/1 (3 Wire with Neutral) Compressor 208-230V 9.8RLA 56LRA 208-230V 9.5RLA 56LRA 208-230V 9.5RLA 56LRA Pump 120V 1.2FLA 60W 120V 1.2FLA 60W 120V 1.2FLA 60
  5. This 1/3 HP electric motor is a single phase, 1800 RPM general purpose alternating current (AC) motor. Though categorized as general propose this motor boasts premium features above and beyond the standard that equate to a premium efficacy, high-quality motor that can boast a 1.15 service factor
  6. 208/230v Mini VRF Single Phase Heat Pump Air Source Outdoor Unit Numerous system configurations, multiple-sized outdoor units and multiple options of indoor unit types and capacitie
TR Electronic CE100M Rotary EncoderTrane X13650476-01 Rev C Chiller Control ModuleSick AWS1-133 Power SupplyBrewer V-Belt Pulley, Needle Bearing G6 1AU3fReliance 1CI2000A Customer Interface Module

Max. Circuit Breaker (Canada Only) 15 AMPS Minimum Circuit Ampacity 15 AMPS Design Pressure HI - 467PSI LO - 230PSI Refrigerant 404A 1 LB. 11 OZ. 4. KM-650M_H Single Phase Model Number KM-650MAH KM-650WH KM-650MRH AC Supply Voltage 208-230/60/1 208-230/60/1 208-230/60/1 Compressor 208-230V 6.0RLA 36LRA 208-230V 5.0RLA 36LRA 208-230V 6.1RLA 36LR Single Phase Model Number F-450MAH(-C) AC Supply Voltage 115-120/60/1 Other 115V 0.03A Maximum Fuse Size 20 AMPS Max. HACR Breaker (USA Only) 20 AMPS Max. Circuit Breaker (Canada Only) 20 AMPS Minimum Circuit Ampacity 20 AMPS Design Pressure HI-427PSI LO-230PSI Compressor 208-230V 5.9RLA 46LRA 208-230V 5.9RLA 46LRA 208-230V 5.9RL Premium single-phase 1/3 HP electric jet pump motor with removable base. It is rated for 3600 RPM is TEFC enclosed with a C-Face. It has a 56J Frame size and 115/208-230 volt rated