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Alpha Team Tour is an outdoor adventure tour company operating exclusively in Mongolia since 2005. We are a group of professional guides owned and operated business headed by an owner operator who has been leading outdoor expeditions since 2005 Best of Mongolia - 11 days overland tour. Destinations. Ulaanbaatar, Baga Gazriin Chuluu, Tsagaan Suvarga. , Gobi Gurvan Saikhan National Park, Great Gobi A National Park, Bayanzag, Ongiin Khiid, Kharkhorin, Hustai National Park. +6 more. Age Range. up to 65 year olds 12. 1 Day Horseback Riding and Manzushir Monastery visit Including Lunch. 3. By Travel Mongolia. Bus Tours. 6+ hours. Free cancellation. In Mongolian traditions, horses are one of the most respected and beloved animals of all species and considered as spiritual. from

Natural Wonders of Mongolia. Top 10 Natural Wonders of Mongolia. 1. Lake Khovsgol. This shimmering, azure jewel of Mongolia is simply stunning. Surrounded by majestic mountains and fresh, alpine meadows, Lake Khovsgol is a photographer's dream and the perfect playground for nature lovers and adventurers. 2 from: USD 1196. Central Mongolia Highlights Tour (6 days) Visit the majestic Chinggis Khaan statue. Be amazed by the Erdene Zuu monastery. Visit the amazing Elsen Tasarkhai oasis. 6 days. from: USD 816. Naiman Lake Horse Riding & Kharkhorin Naadam Tour (10 days) More of the culture and history We are the expert travel operator for Mongolia. Choose from our pre-designed tours or create your own. Experience the fascinating Mongolia for yourself

All Our Mongolia Tours. All types Adventure tours Cultural/Nomadic Nature/Exploring Winter tours Events and festivals. All durations 1 day 2-3 days 4-7 days 8 more. All activities Sightseeing Trekking Hiking Fishing Photo Horse ride Camel ride Eagle hunting Motorcycle Bike Paragliding Kayaking. Sort by: Recommended Longest duration Shortest. Mongolia Tours 2021 > We design private and tailor-made Mongolia tours customized to your style of travel at affordable local prices. Also, we offer an extensive range of services including Mongolia tour packages, special interest and incentive trips, as well as booking services for accommodation and transportationto help you with an enjoyable Mongolia holiday

Mongolia Tour Packages. Quick Facts. Mongolia is a dry but cold country, which is why summers in Mongolia are not humid but the winters are extremely cold. June through August is the peak season for tourism in Mongolia not only because of the pleasurable weather but also because of the Naamad festival, which is the most awaited festival in. Mongolia Travel Restrictions - Coronavirus (Covid-19)-updated 8 July 2021 Mongolia Entry Restrictions. Passengers are allowed to enter Mongolia from the first week of June 2021. But that's only for airline passengers. The country's borders still remain closed for passengers on land transport These are the best attractions of tours in Mongolia have to offer in a single trip for visitors willing to travel in style and comfort. The Jewels of Mongolia, a 13 day tour will take you through the northern edge of the Gobi Desert, the ancient capital of the Mongol Empire at Karakorum, hot springs, volcanoes, rivers and lakes

Mongolia Tours offers wide variety of adventure tours, vacation packages, festival tours and small group photography tours in Mongolia. View all Mongolia tours and book today Book the most popular Mongolia sightseeing tours & trips. Travel through vast Mongolia with jeep. Discover the natural and cultural wonders of Wild Mongolia, one of the last remaining seldom-explored countries. All our tour itineraries are carefully selected by our experienced guides. From 1 to 30 days tours Travel Mongolia, join confirmed small group tour departures of 2021 and 2022. Guaranteed group tours of Mongolia: 7 days tour 852$, 11 days tour 1198$ Mongolia's endless grassland and desert steppe make a dramatic backdrop for the tiny round gers of lone nomadic families. Buddhist monasteries mark the vague tracks across the steppe, and the annual national festival, Naadam, still showcases nomadic skills. But times are changing: All over the country 21st-century geologists and miners are rushing to exploit riches under the ground.

A tour of Mongolia is perfect for anyone who fancies themselves a nomad. With a population density of only 1.7 people per square-kilometer, Mongolia is uniquely empty, ideal for a little bit of self-discovery. The phenomenal country also has a geographical diversity unlike anywhere else on Earth, combining sandy desert dunes with high mountains. Inner Mongolia 2 Full Days Tour to Grassland and Hohhot. Bus Tours. from $456.42 per adult (price varies by group size) Silk Road Adventure. Bus Tours. from $6,283.74 per adult. Private Day Tour to Kubuqi Desert from Hohhot with Pick Up. Bus Tours. from $139.00 per adult (price varies by group size Luxury tour with highlights of Mongolia. Gobi, Terelj, Kharkhorin, Khuvsgul, Orkhon waterfall. This trip ideal for those who want explore nature wonders of great Mongolian highlights in luxury way and experience the Mongolian typical culture. Max group size: 12. Total driving: 14. Days: 16 Mongolia Tours & Travel Mongolia, Tours Mongolia Best trips. Mongolia Tour Operator Company.If you are considering traveling to Mongolia and , leave it to a local travel agency with a local tour operator and English speaking guide. Specialized tour staff familiar with Mongolia planned and arranged a Mongolian trip according to customer's request and budget by incorporating experience and.

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  1. Overnight Semi-Gobi Tour Including Lunch And Free Camel or Horseback Ride. star-5. 3. The Gobi Desert proper is more than 400 miles (644 kilometers) from Ulaanbaatar. But for a short trip the Semi-Gobi desert in central Mongolia delivers sand dunes, oases, and nomads
  2. g you to Mongolia! All of our 2021 and 2022 Mongolia tours feature our Come Together program
  3. Mongolia Winter Tours. We offer unique opportunities with Mongolia's dramatic winter landscapes to ride horses and Bactrian camel, make dog sledding, explore lifestyle and customs of Reindeer herder and Eagle hunters and attend to impressive Ice Festival on the Khuvsgul lake, Camel festival in Gobi and Golden eagle festival in Ulaanbaatar
  4. Explore Mongolia & Naadam Festival Tour. The best all-inclusive Mongolia tour to explore vast open and varied Gobi desert sceneries, beauty and historical artifacts of central Mongolian green valleys, crystal clear water rivers, lakes and national parks of forested northern Mongolia within 16 days. 16 days

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February 21, 2021. Top 5 tour packages in Mongolia is the best selection of Mongolian popular tour activities. Your Mongolian experience will be fascinating for sure. There isn't anything not to like about Mongolia, it is an awesome country with beautiful sceneries, and people are here amazing and the food and drinks are superb 9 Days. 9-Day Mongolia Tour. Behold the sights of mountains, cliffs, rapid streams, rivers, lakes, extinct volcanoes, green forests and pastures in Mongolia for nine days. Marvel at the art pieces at the National History Museum and visit the village of Reindeer people to find out about the lives of local people Mongolia Tours & Travel Mongolia, Tours Mongolia Best trips. Mongolia Tour Operator Company If you are considering traveling to Mongolia and , leave it to a local travel agency with a local tour operator and English speaking guide. Specialized tour staff familiar with Mongolia planned and arranged a Mongolian trip according to customer's request and budget by incorporating experience and. Mongolia Travel and Tour Information. Mongolia Travel Guide - Visit Mongolia offers a full range of products from packaged tours to custom itinerary planning, ticketing and hotel reservations

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  1. g Travel & Tourism to the Hidden Corners of Mongolia, since 1997. Custom designed tours and expeditions, Gobi desert tours, Mongolia Short tours, Naadam Festival Mongolia tours, Small Groups, Families, Private, Funny travel, Incentive travel, Nomadic Lifestyle tours, Spiritual tour, Cultural tour, Train tickets, Mongolia Luxury travel, Independent.
  2. Traveling in Mongolia with us is a chance to experience modern Mongolian life, nomadic culture & traditions, rare wildlife and beautiful landscapes
  3. Yes, Mongolia is a safe country to travel. Due to the language barrier and limited transportation means, most of the visitors choose an agency to travel with. They will make all tour arrangements and ensure all guests back to hotels or Ger Camps after dinner, so there is no need to worry about the safety

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  1. g Cliffs, the place where American explorer Roy Chapman Andrews found dinosaur eggs for the first time
  2. Mongolia Tours. When I was planning my travel to Mongolia, Dragoman was the only company offering Mongolia tours that lasted more than ten days to two weeks. The 21-day overland journey was the first trip itinerary of its kind they were running here, which included Inner Mongolia
  3. Mongolia: Ulaanbaatar, Gorkhi-Terelj National Park, Khovsgol Lake, Gobi Desert. Countries: 1. Cities: 1. Days: 18. 9 nights in a tented camp or lodge. Average Group Size: 13 Travelers. Please Send Me a Complimentary 84-page O.A.T. Adventure Travel Planning Guide for this Adventure. NEW: Vaccinations now required for all Travelers, Trip.
  4. 8-Day Tour: Taste of Mongolia. This is a gem-packed 8-day tour that allows you to explore popular attractions and experience Mongolian culture. Book this tour to create your very own... $1,535. 8 days. Read More. Cultural & Theme Tours
  5. Mongolia is one of the most wonderful, remote and vast countries we have ever ridden, and we simply love it. Swiftly leaving the packed and frenetic capital of Ulaanbaatar behind, our Mongolian motorcycle tours head for the countryside where the possibilities for epic motorcycling are endless
  6. Essential Mongolia Travel Info Traveling to Mongolia. Fly into Ulanbataar to start your trip and organize transport and provisions for the rest of your time in Mongolia. Direct flights to UB are available from Beijing, Seoul and Moscow and start at $150-200 each way
  7. g foreigners must be fully vaccinated to before arriving in Mongolia

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My new sound effect pack :) - https://bit.ly/My-Sound-EffectsI went on a solo adventure into western Mongolia with Indy Guide (https://indyguide.com) to expl.. Western Mongolia is the best place for tours such as trekking, hiking, and cultural tours. As western Mongolia located long-distance from Ulaanbaatar city, it is very recommended to do longer tours for example 8-10 days. In the winter you can visit western Mongolia for tours such as Hunting with eagles where you will do a nomadic homestay. CENTRAL MONGOLIA. The Trans-Siberian Railway is the longest railway in the world. It was built between 1891 and 1916. Travelling through the Trans Mongolian railway is a unique way to explore Mongolia by having a short stay in Ulaanbaatar and in the beautiful National Parks near the city. Through this tour you can see the Hustai National Park. Travelers are urged to review the Mongolia Travel Advisory, which provides information about safety and security concerns affecting the country.. The phone number to report crimes to the local police in Mongolia is 102.The number to call an ambulance or fire truck in an emergency is 103.Please note that local authorities, including the operators responding to these emergency numbers, do not.

Horseback Mongolia is a Franco-Mongol travel agency based in Ulaanbaatar since 2006. Between discovery of the country from every angle (landscapes, culture, lifestyle, activities,.), comfort and authenticity, we strive to complete your journey to the heart of our homeland. Security, quality support and comfort are our main concerns Discover Mongolia Tour (14 days) US$ 2596 14 days. Beauty of Mongolia Tour (11 days) US$ 1899 11 days. Taste of Mongolia Tour (8 days) US$ 1228 8 days. Latest blogs. Mongolian Covid-19 Update. Khövsgöl Nuur. The natural highlight of Mongolia is Khövsgöl Nuur, a 136km-long lake set on the southernmost fringe of Siberia. For Mongolians the lake is a deeply spiritual place, home to powerful nagas (water spirits) and a source of inspiration for shamans who live there. For foreigners, Khövsgöl is a place for adventure, with horse. The best time to travel to Mongolia is from early June through the end of September, when travellers can expect an average range in temperature from 10-26 °C (50 to 80 °F); the Gobi gets hotter, up to 35 °C. Mongolia has approximately 260 cloudless days a year, hence its reputation for endless blue skies Mongolia Travel Restrictions. 1,201.7 active COVID-19 cases out of 100,000 people. 64.16% of citizens have been vaccinated increase from 62.65% last week. Most visitors from the United States will not be allowed to enter Mongolia. Mongolia entry details and exceptions

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  1. Camels in South Gobi desert, Mongolia Gobi desert, Mongolia. Image of Mongolia travel blog. My friend Karen - an English teacher and I book a tour from Ulaanbaatar to the Gobi Desert by Jeep to experience the way of life of the ancient Mongolians. Accompanying us is Ms. Gana - the tour guide, and Mr. Burmaa, the driver
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  3. ABOUT US. We at Mongolian Gobi Attractions create customized Tours that suit your requirements and interests. Doesn't matter if you are alone traveller wishing to travel safely and meet new people, or small group of friends, we will take you anywhere you wish to go
  4. A great tour company and great staff. I highly recommend Taiga Travel Mongolia. A wonderful tour, reliable and touching service

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Mongolia Tour Packages include facilities that are mind blowing, to say the least. It is a beautiful little country stuck somewhere between China and Russia. It is a link between the land and the skies, one of the very few places on Earth which have an active nomadic life to prevail Tour Code: CLT10 Length: 15 Days / 14 Nights Tour Scope: Central Mongolia, Southern Mongolia and Northern Mongolia Tour Route: UB-Middle Gobi-South Gobi-Ongi-Karakorum-Tsenkher-Tariat-Murun-Khatgal-UB Highlights: Earth Stone, Tsagaan Suvarga, Eagle Valley, Khongoryn Els Sand Dunes, Bayanzag (Flaming Cliffs), Ongi Monastery, Karakorum, Erdene-Zuu Monastery, Terkhiin Tsagaan Lake, Khorgo Volcano. Inner Mongolia Tours by Destinations. Inner Mongolia covering quite vast territory in China has abundant appealing destinations to discover. Hohhot as the capital is the most popular for first-timers to get close to top favored grassland and Inner Mongolian culture and history for a classic savory Top Mongolia Tour Companies for Millennial Travelers. 1. G Adventures: A leading adventure and cultural immersion tour operator, G Adventures offers multiple tours to Mongolia. Their tours specialize in different aspects of traditional Mongolian life

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EAGLE FESTIVAL TOUR 2021 Booking started. This fantastic Golden Eagle festival combined cultural photographing tour takes place in Western Mongolia, on Altai mountains, one of the longest mountain chains in Central Asia. There are about 250 eagle hunters around Bayan Ulgii province.Every year about 100 eagle hunters participate to this Eagle festival with their specially trained Golden Eagles Inner Mongolia lies in central North China. Its geographical position has granted Inner Mongolia a richness of travel destinations that attract a large number of visitors to see its spectacular natural scenery of grasslands, deserts, lakes, and forests, the rich legacy of Genghis Khan and the Mongol Empire, and the ethnic culture of nomadic herders TOUR MONGOLIA, MONGOLIA TRAVEL, MONGOLIA TOURS. The legacy of the Great Khaan's, nomadic way of life, and Buddhist heritage are the touchstones of our culture. From meeting steppe nomads of central Mongolia, visiting the homes of Reindeer herders in the north, to trekking along the peaks of the stunning Altai Mountains with Kazakh eagle hunters. Mongolia Travel Reference Map (WP) 1:1,800,000 ITMB Publishing. 4.9 out of 5 stars 9. Map. $12.95 #10. The Ridiculous Race: 26,000 Miles, 2 Guides, 1 Globe, No Airplanes Steve Hely. 4.3 out of 5 stars 51. Kindle Edition. $11.99 #11. The Travels of Marco Polo Marco Polo

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Boloroo is the best in Mongolia tour business! Diane, Travel Agent, United States, 2012. I strongly endorse Grand Nomads Tour Company as the best tour company to provide the most comprehensive and rewarding experience in beautiful and culturally unique Mongolia. I have known the owner/manager of Grand Nomadssince July 2007 when I began planning. Sunpath Mongolia is a 100% Mongolian owned tour agency and tour operator that helps you to acquire all kinds of tours in all around Mongolia and dedicated to making your vacation in Mongolia comfortable and relaxing. We offer our customers high qualified service and the safest tours Nomadic Expeditions has been leading world-class journeys throughout Mongolia since 1992, upon the signing of the country's new democratic constitution—travel spearheaded by our Founder and CEO Jalsa Urubshurow, a pioneer in environmental conservation through sustainable tourism. Our infrastructure and expertise in the country has not only.

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Cost: 838USD. Awaken your senses in Marvelous Mongolia as you travel from the bustling city of Ulanbaatar to the spectacular national parks of Terelj and Khustai. Enjoy the personal touch, staying with a local Nomadic family before you then soak up the colors of Mongolian culture as you experience a local Nadaam games Travel Buddies Mongolia is 100% local Mongolia tour operator specialized in adventure travel and tailor-made tours of Mongolia. Our Mongolia tours feature discovery jeep tours, hiking and trekking tours, sightseeing, horseback riding, camel safari, nomadic family tours and cultural trips immersing in a traditional lifestyle of Mongolia

Mongolia is one of the world's truly unique holiday destinations and a very popular stop on many Trans-Siberian tours. Sandwiched in between the giants of Russia and China it is a land of desert, mountain and steppe which has managed to maintain its own unique culture as well as make a huge mark on history through the exploits of Genghis Khan Explore the temples of Mongolia's capital, Ulaanbaatar, camp the vast Gobi Desert, and hike Altai Mountain on a 9-day private expedition to Central Asia

Mongolian travel agency TTM Tour Mongolia which is owned by local tour guide Bolatbek Gabiden. It is a full-service local travel agency that serves every type of condition and accommodation in western Mongolia. With this travel agency, you are able to arrange tours all over Mongolia such as Gobi desert, Altai Tavan Bogd National Park Inner Mongolia Tour: Travel & Packages to Hohhot, Baotou, Ordos, Hulunbeier (Hulunbuir), Alashan (Alxa) and more places in Inner Mongolia offered by China Travel Agency and China Tour Operator Horseback Mongolia is a Franco-Mongol travel agency based in Ulaanbaatar since 2006. Between discovery of the country from every angle (landscapes, culture, lifestyle, activities,.), comfort and authenticity, we strive to complete your journey to the heart of our homeland

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We are proud to inform you that we are the most reliable and responsible tour operator in Mongolia with fast and attentive customer service. There is no waiting with Travel On in any types of Mongolian Travel requests including hotel and tickets reservations, transfers and tours etc With a Mongolia vacation package, you can save up to $583* on your next awesome escape. From flights and hotels to tours and rental cars, Expedia is where your cheap vacation begins. And with more than 550 partner airlines and 1,000,000 hotels across the globe to pick from, you won't be short of choice

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20% of the tariff from your ride goes to support Mongolian childrens' charities like The Children of the Peak Sanctuary Project which includes 2 kindergartens feeding, educating and caring for 320 children who survive by scavenging at the gargabe dump in Mongolia and the Soaring Crane Summer Camp for their older siblings.See below for details on how you can volunteer at Soaring Crane Summer. Mongolia is a country that exudes richness of culture, uniqueness of traditions, true nomadic life, breathtaking landscapes and a proud historical past. At Dream Mongolia Tours, we bring you the very best that Mongolia can offer. We design and personalize authentic holiday experiences for you

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Important Note: We look forward to birding with you! To see the most recent update of our pre-tour and on-tour protocols and our requirements for travel, please visit our tour protocols page. Mongolia is one of the finest birding areas in Asia, and this excitingitinerary visits some of its best birding sites as we venture through splendid landscapes from the vast treeless steppe dotted with. feel the desert Travel the desert sands - 6 day Tour Cultural Deep Desert Adventure - 10 Day Gobi crossing Winter camel trekking - 10 day Travel Riding Adventures in Mongolia At Stone Horse, we have 30+ years' experience in wilderness guiding and conservation, our own back country horses, and close ties to local communities in Mongolia Mongolian Great Gobi Desert , Steppe & Safari tour 10 days. This is the best tour of Mongolia, using private vehicle experiencing Mongolian Gobi desert, unique Eagle valley , Tsenkher hot spring, Erdenezuu monastery inscribed on the World Heritage List and other attractions of Mongolia only in 10 days. . More Overview Mongolia is home to numerous ethnic groups including the tsaatans or the reindeer people. Now there are only 400 Tsaatan people in Mongolia and they inhabit the remotest but amazing beautiful mountain taigas. The Tsaatan love their nomadic lifestyle of breeding reindeer and sleeping in huts. This tour offers an outstanding introduction to this [ The territory of Mongolia lies in the center of Asia and has a total area of 1564.1 thousand sq/km, located between the meridian of 87o47' and 119o57' eastern longitude and in latitudes 41o35' and 52o06' north, neighboring with Russia long 3485 km in the north and with China long 4676.9 km in the south