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1. Global Warming Is Not Real. This is, and probably always will be, a hot debate. But scientists aren't lying here, kids. Global Climate Change is real, and we are making it work. Denial time should stop now. 2. Hurricane Irma Is/Was a Hoax. LOL Rush Limbaugh: I cut power to my apartment for six days just for giggles.. Also Read: Python Open Source Project Ideas. The way fake news is adapting technology, better and better processing models would be required. And these models would be more into natural language understanding and less posed as a machine learning model itself. The models can also be fine-tuned according to the features used

A project of Lesson Plan: Fighting Fake News By Rachel Roberson Fake news is no longer a matter of the occasional hoax. There is growing evidence that fake news has the More ideas for how. From KQED's The Lowdown. Plan called Fighting Fake News. Objectives are: Students will analyze the problems and potential consequences associated with the spread of fake news. Students will identify and evaluate ways to avoid fake news in social and academic settings Mar 25, 2017 - Explore Jane Whitley's board fake news, followed by 201 people on Pinterest. See more ideas about fake news, information literacy, media literacy Aug 25, 2019 - With the recent increase in the number of fake news reports, it is increasingly important to teach students how to evaluate websites and other sources of information. We have included articles, lesson plans and other resources to help educators teach information and digital literacy to students. See more ideas about fake news, digital literacy, media literacy The fake news Dataset. The dataset we'll use for this python project- we'll call it news.csv. This dataset has a shape of 7796×4. The first column identifies the news, the second and third are the title and text, and the fourth column has labels denoting whether the news is REAL or FAKE

Labeling is done so that 0 = real news, and 1 = fake or biased news Getting the Embeddings We'll be using a 300-dimensional embedding matrix, trained on a text dump of the full wikipedia site as it was in 2014 + the Gigaword set (a large set of news article content) Fake news can easily proliferate, particularly in times of political turbulence and instability. Take a look at the following examples of fake news: Putting a Viral Video Clip of Biden in Context: A 10-second clip of Joe Biden showed him delivering a quote devoid of the full context, which mangled his meaning

Fake news creator Fake News Generator - use it to create your own joke news articles. Add your pictures, write headlines and text, share with friends. Title: This field is required and cannot be longer than 250 characters. Image: Upload Image This field is required. Introduction. A fake are those news stories that are false: the story itself is fabricated, with no verifiable facts, sources, or quotes. When someone (or something like a bot) impersonates someone or a reliable source to false spread information, that can also be considered as fake news

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  1. Dissertation Topics on Fake News. Fake news is a kind of propaganda or yellow journalism that deliberately seeks to misinform the public and spread hoaxes to damage the reputation of a person, entity or agency for political or financial gain. Fake news is distributed with the aim of increasing readership in order to please advertisers
  2. To make a newspaper successful you will need to name it in the right way. That's why I am writing this piece of content for you. Here I will share with you more than 300 cool, creative and best newspaper names ideas and suggestions that help you name your newspaper easily
  3. ing the Reliability of Sources, New York Times Learning Networ
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Calling Bullshit in the Age of Fake News by the University of Washington (Project lead: Jevin West | Seattle @jevinwest, @UW_iSchool): Developing a curriculum and set of tools to teach students and the public to better assess quantitative information and combat misinformation, with a particular emphasis on data, visualizations and statistics What is one piece of fake news that is discussed in this section that many people ended up believing? 9. This site also lists 6 different ways to help you spot fake news. IN YOUR OWN WORDS, summarize 3 different things that YOU can do to help you determine the reliability of news or articles that you read online What is the best title for a research topic about fake news? Regardless of what topic you choose, you'll have to begin with a formal definition: > Fake news is any factually correct statement that conflicts with Trump's position or that does not. There are so many good projects that I am planning to do for Christmas. Yippeee! Deadicated LM on September 29, 2012: Thanks for all the great newspaper craft ideas. olmpal on August 06, 2012: Those are great ideas! Such lovely creations using that humble material! Helene-Malmsio on June 30, 2012: What a ton of great ideas for best crafts using.

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  1. June 7, 2019. About the author: David A. Graham is a staff writer at The Atlantic. The rise of fake news in the American popular consciousness is one of the remarkable growth stories in recent.
  2. Want to help students learn to think critically about 'fake news'? A simple, browser-based game could help. What is Bad News? Bad News is a simple tool to help students understand 'fake news,' the (modern?) phenomenon of misinformation and 'content as news' propagated, at least in part, by the rise of digital and social media
  3. IFLA has made this infographic with eight simple steps (based on FactCheck.org's 2016 article How to Spot Fake News) to discover the verifiability of a given news-piece in front of you. Download, print, translate, and share - at home, at your library, in your local community, and on social media networks. The more we crowdsource our wisdom.
  4. The News Literacy Project and Checkology created a checklist of Ten questions for fake news detection.. Read it out loud with your students. Ask them if they have any questions about the.
  5. Some ideas for ways to spot fake news. (Source: IFLA, via Wikimedia Commons.) Fake news can be shared through a website or through social media. There can be many reasons why a person or a group might create a fake news story. Sometimes people make fake news to get money. One person who runs fake news websites says he earns over $10,000 a month.

This python project makes sure that you don't fall into the trap of fake news. It is an advanced Python project that makes use of sklearn and also makes sure that you're in the right direction. The Real News Network and Project Censored present - United States of Distraction: Fighting The Fake News Invasion A Documentary Film (64 min) by Project Censored October 10, 2020 The Virus Came From A Chinese Lab This Project comes up with the applications of Random Forest techniques for detecting the 'fake news', that is, misleading news stories that comes from the non-reputable sources. Only by building a model based on a count vectorizer (using word tallies) or a (Term Frequency Inverse Document Frequency) tfidf matrix, (word tallies relative to how often they're used in other articles in your.

Students need to be wise readers - to find main ideas of a text, but also discern if the information is fact or fake news. Once you have a copy of the book, this packet gives everything you'll need for a fun and engaging unit - including a fun game to build community, detailed lesson plans for 6-7 25 minute sessions, extension worksheets, an editing checklist and a model of a completed project How to Stop the Spread of Fake News on Social Media. Renee DiResta is policy head at Data for Democracy and research director at New Knowledge. She will speak as part of the Staying Human in a High-Tech World track at the Aspen Ideas Festival. Below she shares advice on how to help stop the spread of disinformation across social networks of news. In this sense then, 'fake news' is an oxymoron which lends itself to undermining the credibility of information which does indeed meet the threshold of verifiability and public interest - i.e. real news. To better understand the cases involving exploitative manipulation of the language an

A Newspaper Classroom Assignment - For Students. Okay, your teacher has assigned you to create a newspaper. To help you with your assignment, we not only have hundreds of templates you can use, but this little tutorial is designed to assist you in your homework assignment. To begin, it is important to understand the various elements of a. Fake News exploded into the public's consciousness during and after the 2016 election. While the impact of misinformation on the 2016 election continues to be debated by scholars and journalists, many wonder what to expect in the upcoming 2020 primary and general elections. (CNBC) Grace Shao projects into 2020 and beyond, arguing that the. Fake news, one of the biggest new-age problems has the potential to mould opinions and influence decisions. The proliferation of fake news on social media and Internet is deceiving people to an extent which needs to be stopped. The existing systems are inefficient in giving a precise statistical rating for any given news claim Exercises. Exercises 1 and 2 look at how easy it is to make fake news or re-tell the same story in different ways. Exercise 1 is low-tech while Exercise 2 is computer-based. You can use one or the. The difference between projects and project-based learning is a crucial shift and without that shift, these are just ideas for projects. However, that would be a short book in and of itself and is beyond the scope of our purpose here: to communicate what project-based learning might actually look like-especially in a 'modern' world

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  1. A common type of fake news article uses vague terms to comment on wide-spread social phenomena. It's often to the point that it could be about anyone (excellent examples can be found in The Onion's Local News section) Real News headlines want to convey credibility, and are usually very specific and factual.
  2. So be very precise when you are selecting a name for your newspaper business. Some of the catchy newspaper business name ideas are as follows-. Catchy & Creative Newspaper names ideas. Newsday. The news forum. Rocky Mountain News. The New's era. The street's news. Time
  3. Fake News. Unfortunately we live in a world where some people spread lies and manipulate the truth. It's vital to your digital health to be able to spot fake news, and use critical thinking to make sensible, rational judgements on the information you source online. This introduction helps show you how
  4. 77. Forum: Use this if your newspaper is a forum for all of the latest current events and news. 78. Acorn: For some reason, this has remained a popular newspaper name for years. 79. Gazette: This is an awesome, easy option for a newspaper name. 80. Express: Nice! 81. Islander: This is a great newspaper name for a newspaper located on an island. 82
  5. authors release fake news. As such, the goal of this project was to create a tool for detecting the language patterns that characterize fake and real news through the use of machine learning and natural language processing techniques. The results o
  6. Fake news that sustains sexist ideas. According to the same logic, it is very easy to launch rumours or information tailor-made to sustain erroneous ideas about women. Several memes like these are published on the Web. This post, circulating on Facebook and Instagram, maintains the idea that girls are superficial, while boys accomplish great.

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The rise of fake news. In December 2016 Edgar M. Welch drove six hours from his home to Washington DC, where he opened fire in a pizzeria with an assault rifle. He had previously read an online news story about the restaurant being the headquarters of a group of child abusers run by Hillary Clinton. He decided to investigate for himself. These days it can be hard to tell what news is legit, what's opinion, and what's full-on fake. These five tips can help you weed out the real from the comple.. There are a lot of news articles, where the news is false or cooked up. With so many advances in Natural Language Processing and machine learning, we can actually build an ml model which is able to detect if a piece of news article is genuine or fake. Here we will be using artificial neural network models to verify the genuinity of the article Welcome to DIY Art and Craft Tutorial - Gocrafta.Visit my Website:https://www.gocrafta.com/how-to-make-fake-grass-for-project/In this video, you will learn h.. Home » Slogans » List of 101 Good Creative Newspaper Names and Ideas. List of 101 Good Creative Newspaper Names and Ideas. Sep 28, 2020 May 3, 2017 by Brandon Gaille. I have compiled a list of single words that have been used by newspapers across the world. This will help you find the one that works best in combination with your city or industry

Seven of the 20 fake articles written by the trio were accepted by journals after being approved by peer-review committees tasked with checking the authors' research.. A faux study claiming that. Answer: Fake. The source may be legitimate, but the photo is fake. The raccoon-riding-an-alligator story went viral in 2015, spreading from Florida media to global news outlets like the BBC. But. Automatic fake news detection is a challenging problem in deception detection, and it has tremendous real-world political and social impacts. However, statistical approaches to combating fake news has been dramatically limited by the lack of labeled benchmark datasets. In this paper, we present LIAR: a new, publicly available dataset for fake. The Future of Free Speech, Trolls, Anonymity and Fake News Online. Many experts fear uncivil and manipulative behaviors on the internet will persist - and may get worse. This will lead to a splintering of social media into AI-patrolled and regulated 'safe spaces' separated from free-for-all zones. Some worry this will hurt the open. The project itself is not going to be very complicated as what we are gonna do is just a simple binary classification task. So we know that Coronavirus is still around up until the time when I write this article. And thus, it's obviously possible that there are also plenty of fake news related to that topic coming into the society

Typeform. Quiz: Should you share it? We can all make healthier choices about the information we consume, share and act on. When we do, we help stop the spread of misinformation. But can you tell the difference between social media posts that are false or misleading and those that are credible? Test your news literacy fitness with this quiz, and. Visit msnbc.com for breaking news, world news, and news about the economy Share or comment on this article: High school student, 17, pretends to be pregnant for senior project Blogs 27 June 2019. After Stonewall: A Community Finds Its Voice (s) Out of the streets and onto the pages: the birth of LGBT media. Blogs 18 August 2016. Standing Up Against Racism in the New York Public Library. Blog post regarding the NAACP, Regina Andrews and the fight for fairness. Posted August 18, 2016 In-text: (Allcott and Gentzkow, 2017) Your Bibliography: Allcott, H. and Gentzkow, M., 2017. Social Media and Fake News in the 2016 Election. Journal of Economic. 21 May: WeVerify organises the Online Workshop: Technology And AI To Counter Disinformation. We would like to invite you to the two-day Workshop that WeVerify project organizes online on June 16th-17th, 2021. Read more. 05 May: SOMA Infographic: The Observatory in numbers. SOMA's project partner T6 ecosystems created this very helpful.

The News Literacy Project's Checkology virtual classroom has provided our students with the opportunity to be critical thinkers about the news and information they encounter on a daily basis. It is one thing to teach news literacy skills in isolation, but to be able to apply them to real-world situations has transformed the way our students. Gran colección de títulos. Envío gratis con Amazon Prim It can call into question the legitimacy, credibility, accuracy, and even the character of one's opponents and their ideas. Technique: Respond to Audience Needs & Values Effective propaganda conveys messages, themes, and language that appeal directly, and many times exclusively, to specific and distinct groups within a population Fake news and the spread of misinformation: A research roundup. This collection of research offers insights into the impacts of fake news and other forms of misinformation, including fake Twitter images, and how people use the internet to spread rumors and misinformation. by Denise-Marie Ordway | September 1, 2017. February 14, 2021 Ideas for how to use our online fake news generator. Kids Birthday, e.g. Johnny Smith Turns 5 Today! 50th/60th Birthday, e.g. Joe Bloggs Turns 50, Officially Old Mothers Day, e.g. Mary Robinson voted Mom of the Year Christmas, e.g. Daniel Adams too Naughty, Not Getting Gifts from Santa this Yea

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In this project, we have used various natural language processing techniques and machine learning algorithms to classify fake news articles using sci-kit libraries from python. Getting Started These instructions will get you a copy of the project up and running on your local machine for development and testing purposes By Jace Evans. In the near future, when a baby is born, the doctors immediately place a new reality altering implant within the baby's brain. In essence, this implant would be both an audio and visual filter that would allow people to fact check information in real time which plays very well into the fake news politics we see in today's world The fake antifa photo used by right-wing fake news factories, including James Woods are ridiculous ideas that right-wingers imagine black leftists fantasize about, a project of the. By Jack Goodman and Flora Carmichael. BBC Reality Check. A round-up of the latest false and misleading posts about Covid-19 going viral on social media

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  1. So, once you have zeroed on to the perfect team of reporters the next agenda should be to find the perfect name for your news channel. The name should be such that the moment one hears it , it would create a sense of interest amongst the viewers. News Channel Names Ideas. Here are some of the news channel names ideas that one can browse through
  2. Project-based learning is a hands-on teaching method that uses real-world topics to engage students and facilitate learning about concepts and new ideas. It's a student-centered approach to teaching that puts students in the driver's seat. Give your student a meaningful real-world problem to work on and encourage them to solve it using.
  3. A Buzzfeed analysis found that the most widely shared fake news stories in 2016 were about Pope Francis endorsing Donald Trump, Hillary Clinton selling weapons to ISIS, Hillary Clinton being.
  4. e fake news by applying methods based on Natural Language Processing are proposed to identify fake news in real-time and prevent the spread of misinformation. Access Solution to Fake News Classification . Advanced Machine Learning Projects with Source Code in Python for 2021 1) Sales Forecasting using Walmart Datase
  5. ed efforts to protect Americans from the coronavirus pandemic.
  6. Use the following websites to have your students guess the implied bias in headlines and images. 6. Help your students identify different kinds of fake news or bias. There are many words used to describe fake news. Teach your students to identify them. Send them on a scavenger hunt to find: Satire. Clickbait

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Top 10 Python Deep Learning Projects. What is Deep Learning? Deep Learning is an intensive approach. It is a machine learning technique that teaches computer to do what comes naturally to humans. A computer learns to perform classification tasks directly from images, text, or sound. Fake news can be come in many forms, including. In an op-ed for The Washington Post, Megan McArdle shares her thoughts on research from the Media Lab and Sloan that identifies fake news as traveling six times faster than factual news. The difference between social media and 'the media' is that the gatekeeper modeldoes care more about the truth than 'the narrative,' McArdle writes

Fake News Detection. The idea behind this project is to build a machine learning model that can detect whether the news given by any social media post is true or not. You can use the TfidfVectorizer, and a PassiveAggressive classifier to build this model. TF or the Term Frequency is the number of times a word appears in a document Software engineering project ideas must be constantly updated every year as per evolving technology. Our engineers and research team perform this task to keep provide latest innovative ideas of software projects to be implemented by students. Use these ideas as your final year project topics or for testing your software skills Part one featured students working on misinformation-related projects and part three will feature notorious fake news writers. LYON, France — Amy Zhang was thousands of miles away when her work. 15 Flutter App IDEAS: BEGINNER TO EXPERT [WITH FREE TUTORIAL] Popularity of flutter is getting higher everyday! If you are thinking about a hybrid app, then most people will suggest to you flutter. I am also going suggest flutter instead of react native. For learning react native you need to learn about react js too 2018. 2017. Some of the biggest fake news stories of the year. Source: Snopes.com. Method Selected most-spread stories. Focussed on political stories. Filtered out death hoaxes, tales of perverse titillation, made-up celebrity gossip and stuff that was plainly bonkers. Tried to clean up the searches as much as possible to remove noise from the.

Fake news is any material that is presented as news that the publisher knew was untrue at the time of publication, but chose to present as the truth and publish anyway. A3 A3: In a standard five-paragraph essay, this paragraph would have included one or two sentences discussing satire, bad reporting, and propaganda. However, because the author. Last March, a fake news site called The Boston Tribune went viral with a story that the government was secretly tracking Americans using computer chips in credit cards. In October, another site peddling bogus news, The Free Thought Project, got more than 28,000 people on Facebook to share its claim that U.S. Marines were heading to Europe to. Newspaper Templates Printed or digital, your newspaper must be both interesting and entertaining to achieve the best results. We thought to give you a helping hand so we designed these free editable newspaper templates for you to choose from

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  1. STEP 1. The first step is pretty simple: plug in you keyword into the title generator and hit the red button. As soon as you do that and start reading the headlines, you'll notice one thing: some of them don't make any sense. And that's OK. Ignore Them. Scroll down and write down the ones that do makes sense
  2. Fake News DetectionEdit. Fake News Detection. 72 papers with code • 5 benchmarks • 19 datasets. Fake news detection is the task of detecting forms of news consisting of deliberate disinformation or hoaxes spread via traditional news media (print and broadcast) or online social media (Source: Adapted from Wikipedia)
  3. Project objective: Developing an android application which can help govt education department to manage teachers in colleges and schools more effectively by tracking and getting notification of each teacher when they leave school or college and improve education standard. Fake Call Timer: Allow the fake call timer to allow the user to make.
  4. Hacker News Search. There's the regular Hacker News site, and then there's the Algolia Hacker News Search. Both are good practice projects. It has been said that all web apps are basically just lists. This app will give you some practice with lists of components that are a little more complicated than todos
  5. The Crucible Final Projects. Directions: Choose one of the projects below for a final project to complete on your own (no partners). When you choose a project let me know and I will check you off. You need to complete a rough draft on a sheet of paper showing me what you intend to do and say in your final draft before you start working on it
  6. Use these six steps to weed out the truth from the lies: 1. Develop a Critical Mindset. One of the main reasons fake news is such a big issue is that it is often believable, so it's easy to get caught out. Much fake news is also written to create shock value, that is, a strong instinctive reaction such as fear or anger
  7. In a nutshell, it too is a fake. In February 2010 we received an updated version of the list, in which the entry for the shaking husband story was slightly altered to keep it fresh with the.
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organization of ideas and stories, quality of visuals to support articles/stories Situation/Purpose: As a Greek citizen, you are creating a newspaper to inform the Greek city-states of the happenings around Ancient Greece! Your newspaper covers major events, opinion pieces on major topics, entertainment, sports and more History. Founded in 2011, The Federalist Papers Project is far-right news and opinion website.According to their about page, the mission of the Federalist Papers Project is to get people the power that knowledge gives to motivate them to push back at the erosion of our liberties and restore the constitutionally limited small government.The founder and director of FPP are Steve Straub According to a new media consumption study, almost half of the nearly 6,000 American college students surveyed said they lacked confidence in discerning real from fake news on social media. And 36. The Fake Name Generator can generate thousands of ideas for your project, so feel free to keep clicking and at the end use the handy copy feature to export your fake names to a text editor of your choice. Enjoy! What are good fake names? There's thousands of random fake names in this generator. Here are some samples to start Whether you have questions about the universe or a molecule compound or what biome you live in, Sciencing.com is your go-to source for all things science

100 posters fighting fake news The best 100 posters from last year's competition 'Fake News /2020 vision' will be published online this... Read more March 8th - International Women's day! March 8th, 2021 Poster for Tomorrow is a project made by 4 Tomorrow Association.. The project is called EPI-WIN — short for WHO Information Network for Epidemics. We need a vaccine against misinformation, said Dr. Mike Ryan, And fake news can spread quickly online

Figure 3: The word cloud of news headline for real and fake news on HealthStory and HealthRelease. As expected, the covered topics of real and news in both datasets are quite similar. For instance, from (a) and (b) we can find the real and fake news in HealthStory have many common topics such as cancer, heart, and brain The reason: It enables you to ask questions and hopefully get some answers with a quick web search. It's all part of an exercise that Ms. Byron calls lateral reading. While reading an article. 2. Think Tank Partnerships Establish Facebook as Tool of US Foreign Policy. by Project Censored October 8, 2019. Under the guise of fighting fake news and protecting US democracy from foreign influence, in 2018 social media giant Facebook established partnerships with the Atlantic Council, a NATO-sponsored think tank,. Read more. 3 Romeo and Juliet Seen Together at the Capulet's Party Obituaries Juliet Death Scandal Juliet Capulet was pronounced dead on Thursday July 27th 1683. Fair Juliet, young, innocent, and loved by all. A death that struck the city like the plague. Taken to soon, but, was she reall

Introduction. Deep Learning has been the most revolutionary branch of machine learning in recent years due to its amazing results. In this article, we will let you know some interesting machine learning projects in python with code in Github. You can either fork these projects and make improvements to it or you can take inspiration to develop your own deep learning projects from scratch Fake Company Name Generator: Helpings Objects Verbs Noun Since 1991™. Generate fake company names with taglines and buzzword descriptions like Uber for Fake Names. Perfect for coming up with business ideas or just seeding your database

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Swedish author and journalist Andreas Ekström argues that such a thing is a philosophical impossibility. In this thoughtful talk, he calls on us to strengthen the bonds between technology and the humanities, and he reminds us that behind every algorithm is a set of personal beliefs that no code can ever completely eradicate. 9:04 The news from April 9, 2017, includes fake stories about a market crash triggered by a trade war, the beginning of mass deportations and a story about the military refusing the orders of its. Fake news is false or misleading information presented as news. It often has the aim of damaging the reputation of a person or entity, or making money through advertising revenue. However, the term does not have a fixed definition, and has been applied more broadly to include any type of false information, including unintentional and unconscious mechanisms, and also by high-profile individuals.

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Watch the video. Browse all. From history teachers to educational technology specialists to librarians in our district, those who have become familiar with Civic Online Reasoning are using the lessons and assessments to engage students in combating misinformation and to provide a skill set to foster empowered citizenship in the digital age Macrame Art - Drawing Art - Free Downloads Art - Hand lettering Art - Mixed media Art - Painting Art - Print Making Baking - Biscuit Baking Baking - Cake Baking Baking - Cake Decorating Baking - Candy and Sweet Making Baking - Other Baking - Preserve and Jam Making Baking - Savoury Bakes Cricut - Iron On Cricut - Other Cricut - Papercraft Cricut - Sewing Cricut - Vinyl Crochet - Amigurumi.

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